‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍WE COVER BEER LIK‍‍‍E A KOOZIE!

‍‍‍Get to the Pint is a platform for creative content dedicated to, or inspired by, craft beer. And the occasional cider.  ‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍The content could include: writing, video, photo essays, animation, gifs, sonnets, haikus, quilting — whatever.

But first, a confession: I am not a beer expert.

It’s true that I enjoy a lot of beer. I brew a lot beer. But am I an authority? No!  

Get to the Pint is NOT a platform for expert brewing tips, insight into the state of the craft beer industry, or even analysis from panels of cicerones with sophisticated and finely-tuned palettes.

I just like beer. And I like beer so much, I decided to started this site to document discovery and exploration into the delicious hobby.



Just before I registered this domain, I said to myself, “Brian, there are a bazillion beer blogs out there. Is there actually any rpom left for yet another site, especially a site lacking resources, experience, and expertise in the field?”

I answered myself, “Brian, there are a gazillion IPAs in the world, but that doesn’t stop every brewery on the planet from cranking out more and more of them. Or, inventing strange new variations. And some of them aren’t even that good!”

And so here we are, one more site about beer.

It seems some content authors are well-connected and have their finger on the pulse of the beverage industry. Some are practiced and accomplished home brewers. Some are anointed cicerones.

As I have admitted, I am not any of those things. But, I think we can offer something unique here amid the crowded field.  

Now, watching beer content is not as fun as actually drinking beer anyway, but it should still make a solid pairing. I’m not suggesting we have all the answers, but we do have some‍‍‍  fresh ideas.  


So what will content on this  site be like?

Allow me to demonstrate using a little-discussed, often overlooked moment in the beer tasting process…

For those of you drinking along at home, the following paragraphs are best paired with a fresh, seasonal in limited release by your favorite brewery. But any beer will do.  (Preferably  unopened, for effect).

Do you have one handy? Is it chilled? No? Well, let’s do this the right way. Go ahead, hop to it. I’ll be here when you get back…

Back now, beer in hand? Okay, let’s do this thing.


Did you hear that?

That surge of carbonation escaping from the can / bottle / growler…the familiar pop of fresh possibility. Maybe you even spotted a wisp of evaporation.

Next, pour the liquid bounty into a style-appropriate glass. Maybe you tilt the glass during the pour. Maybe you don’t.

Is a separate glass necessary? For this example, yes, yes it is. I’m trying to do a thing here. And if you’ve read this far, I think you’ll appreciate all of this build-up when we get to the ending.

By the time its freshly drawn head shrinks suitably below the rim, you have that glass in hand and  lifted up to the closest light in the room.  You gave at the bubbling disco inside the glass. Maybe you’re trying to determine if you’re looking through “straw.” Or a “pale gold” or "amber."  Maybe you don’t care.

Lastly, you lift the vessel to your nose and inhale. A wondrous aroma blasts right through the front line and breaches your entire nasal cavity. It’s as if this beer has taken your entire little world, and you can almost taste it.

If you're like me, at this point you double-check the ABV and perform a quick mental calculation on how manny of these you can drink before you start misspelling weeds.

And finally, the time has come. Lift that glass for the final attack run, tip it back, and wait for gravity to deliver that sweet, sweet fermented olfactory symphony --

And... **FREEZE**

Did you feel that?

GET TO THE POINT!‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Whether you are analyzing a new beer critically, or kicking off a weekend binge with cheap swill, I reckon that these brief moments before first beer are always the best of whole experience.

For me, that place between pour and sip signals relaxation, anticipation, satisfaction, curiosity. Maybe it's something else for you.

But this is the place where Get to the Pint was born, and I want it to deliver content fueled by that mindset.

‍‍‍Make sense?  

Great, grab a beer and read on. ‍‍‍

Or, grab a beer and drop us a line. Or, grab a beer and join our mailing list.

Excuse me while I grab one myself…

Faithfully Submitted,

Stoneybrews, September 2017